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H - Mr. Finisher
Time Limit: 2 second(s) Memory Limit: 32 MB

Mim, the finisher of CSE 7th batch of PUST in cricket. Currently he is playing a match. CSE 7th batch needs 6 runs to win in 1 balls only. It is great news for us that Mim is on strike. He have to do a six. But he can not play yourker ball. That ball which is droped before stamps line and after batsman line.

Here “|” means a line. First “|” means batsman line and then “|” means stamps line. “>” means where the ball is dropped first. “-” means pitch/ground.

Here is sample: ------|>----|----

If it is yourker ball then CSE 7th Batch will be lose otherwise win the match.



The first line in the input file is an integer representing the number of test cases. Let T. Here T<=20 . Each of the test cases contains a line without any space. Basically contains only “-|>” characters. There is only a single “>” character and two “|” character and number of “-“ is not limited. But each line can contain atmost 30 characters.


For each test case, first print the serial number of the case, a colon, an space and then print “lose” if it is yourker ball, otherwise print “win”. Check the sample input & output.

Sample Input






Sample Output

Case 1: lose

Case 2: win

Case 3: lose


Problem Setter: Md Arafat Islam
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