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E - High School Geometry
Time Limit: 2 second(s) Memory Limit: 32 MB

Ashraful Islam, the current CR of CSE 7th Batch, PUST. He is fond of playing (!!!) with geometry. But I am his unlucky room-mate who am afraid of reading and writing (on paper). Always I try to disturb him and break his meditation on geometry. Today I have been doing so but I am so unlucky. He gives me a geometrical problem. If I can solve it, then he will give me a treat, otherwise I have to promise that I will not disturb him any more.

Ashraful will give me three data, basically these are the values of three arms of a triangle. Let these are A, B, C. I have to determine wheather it forms a Obtuse-angled Triangle. I am too lazy to write some lines of code to solve this easy problem. Please help me. Write a program to solve this problem.

N.B. The triangle which have at least one angle greater than 90 degree is called Obtuse-angled triangle.



The first line of input is an integer T (T < 30) that indicates the number of test cases. Each case/line starts with three integer A, B, C (0 < A, B, C<= 100) that determines the values of three arms of a trianle.



For each case, output the case number and “yes/no” as like as following format. Here, “yes” = this is a valid obtuse-angled triangle, otherwise print “no” whithout quote.


Sample Input


3 4 5

3 5 3

6 3 2


Sample Output

Case 1: no

Case 2: yes

Case 3: no


Problem Setter: Md Arafat Islam
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