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Jane Alam Jan

Thanks to:

Mashiour Sir (Assistant Professor and Head, Computer Science, AIUB) for his heartiest supports.

Debashis Maitra for his brilliant ideas, without whom it would be impossible to make this web site.

Atiq, Dip, Mubashwir, Muntasir, Nabil, Samee, Samir, Shaon, Tanvir for testing and supports.

Big Thanks to Nabil for writing the major portions of the web compiler and the chat room. Specially for the codes that work in almost all browsers. Without him the web compiler would be impossible to make. Again a big thanks to him.

Big thanks to Zobayer Hasan for the enormous contributions to the forum. His brilliant designs and other stuffs, with huge but simple codes made it possible. It is quite fast and comfortable and of course he is the heart of the forum.

Finally thanks to my family members, Tazmina Sharmin and well wishers for inspiring me all the time.

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